Friday, December 5, 2008

5th Dec...

I am serious!! I am going to add curry powder to my drinks!

Today is a memorable day. I spent my time with quite a lot of people and it makes me feel really nice. I celebrated my friend's birthday on today, met my secondary school's classmate and my old friend. It is nice to spend time with friends and enjoy our life by chit chatting.

Cake from Bread Station in Bukit Beruang !
It is cute and nice to eat !... ... ... ^_^

At 12 pm... I go walk walk around Bukit Beruang and buy cakes for my friend. After buying cakes, my friend and me to US pizza and meet my brother. This is sure my treat! We, 3 people enjoying our lunch there. After that, I went Jusco. JUSCO is a nice place to shop. I went there and help my mum to buy something. Then, who knows, I met a secondary school's classmate.

He really looks hungry..haha or maybe because today is my treat....he want to finish all! : p

1 large pizza and 1 regular pizza just for 3 of us !!!

Today is really a good day. At night, an old friend call me and we have a good talk too. Today is really nice. The weather is quite good too. Although, there is a rain at 11 am, it still did not spoil my mood to go out. In our life, there will be good and bad things. In the morning, I am quite blur until I bring the wrong notes to class. I was blur in that tutorial class. OMG...WASTING. Anyway, it still nice.

Our life time is not long. We must appreciate every second that God gives to us.

^^...tong tong ...^^