Friday, December 5, 2008

5th Dec...

I am serious!! I am going to add curry powder to my drinks!

Today is a memorable day. I spent my time with quite a lot of people and it makes me feel really nice. I celebrated my friend's birthday on today, met my secondary school's classmate and my old friend. It is nice to spend time with friends and enjoy our life by chit chatting.

Cake from Bread Station in Bukit Beruang !
It is cute and nice to eat !... ... ... ^_^

At 12 pm... I go walk walk around Bukit Beruang and buy cakes for my friend. After buying cakes, my friend and me to US pizza and meet my brother. This is sure my treat! We, 3 people enjoying our lunch there. After that, I went Jusco. JUSCO is a nice place to shop. I went there and help my mum to buy something. Then, who knows, I met a secondary school's classmate.

He really looks hungry..haha or maybe because today is my treat....he want to finish all! : p

1 large pizza and 1 regular pizza just for 3 of us !!!

Today is really a good day. At night, an old friend call me and we have a good talk too. Today is really nice. The weather is quite good too. Although, there is a rain at 11 am, it still did not spoil my mood to go out. In our life, there will be good and bad things. In the morning, I am quite blur until I bring the wrong notes to class. I was blur in that tutorial class. OMG...WASTING. Anyway, it still nice.

Our life time is not long. We must appreciate every second that God gives to us.

^^...tong tong ...^^

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I have been trying quite a lot of online survey test and until now, but I did not gain any money. Many people do not trust those advertisement and just ignore it. The reason why I try is because I think it is not harmful if i give them my email address and my house address. If the registration involve my IC no or my account no then I will avoid it. As what people said, curiosity kills the cat. I worry that something bad will happen on me if i join the test but I can stop myself to have a try.

I feel curious about all those take paid online survey test. I wonder whether it is true that people will gain money through answering survey question or give opinion. After trying a few test. I realise it is not true that doing survey online wont give you anything. It will waste your time or sometimes it may harm you. For example, your email account may hack by others, your computer may get virus and many many more.

If there is someone who got the same problem as me, feel free to left a comment.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bad luck...

On 24th Nov 2004 ...
First BAD thing
On the way to campus, I met a crazy people who keep on looking at me and do some scary movement. I was quite scare but I just pretend nothing happend, pretend that I am looking at other things and ran away.

Second BAD thing
When I reach campus, it is about 10 minutes before my class begin. I just go near to the lecture room and peep whether got class in that lecture room or not? Then the lecture in that class come out and scold me and ask me to shut up. I am quite "syok" at that time cause I did not talk to anybody but those peoples beside me is talking and making noise. I stand there and look at the lecturer for a few second then I decide not to scold the lecturer. I just tell her i will ask those people to keep queit. I am really angry at that time, but I still keep myself cool and try to think some way to face those kind of lecturer. Although that incident already happened, I still think that we must always learn from mistake...maybe next time i should really waste the lecturer's time and tell her everything that had happened. But, if i told the lecturer the real things, she may not listen to me or maybe those group of people may feel that I am telling the lecturer that they are busy. Really bad luck, as what I know, I am just a person who is passing by.

Third thing
Lunch Hour
I put my notes book on the chair in the canteen, then I go and buy some food for my lunch. When I come back, a group of stupid people took my book and put somewhere else, then they sit on the place where I booked. I really feel frustrated because the whole day I am facing those bad things. I took the book and go to the place where near to them and sit down BECAUSE I would like to show them that I am angry with their attitude. How can you remove people's things without asking.

Fourth thing
After I took my lunch and go bank to bank in some money. I go back to the place where I put my bag- Library. When I reach there, I realise that people throw my bag on the floor and then put his/her bag in the cabinet where I put my bag. OMG...what is happening to me?...Is there a curse?

Lastly ...I do hope that no more bad things happend on me and hope that nobody will be as 'lucky' as me ...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About Me !!!

This is my first time ...

First time to put on some lipstick...

HAHA....I hope I didn't look funny
Our life is all about trying and experiencing. So, when you get a chance to try something don't worry to try!!! As what people says, low risk low return; high risk high return and ....No RISK No RETURN!
This is my first time writing a blog. I can feel that this is a place for me to express my opinion and write about my life. In our life, there are many things come and go can have a good friend for now, but in the next second, he or she may become your enemy. There are many things that I would like to written down. I would like to record down all the happy things and also the sad things that happened.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweet memories

1 st June 2008 ...Big day for POPO( grandma), my dad's mum...In that night, the whole family will celebrate popo's 80 years old birthday at Saloma Bistro. Before we go to that bistro, popo must wear something nice first.

This is how she looks like.

Is she looks like a 80 years old lady?