Friday, May 1, 2009

Who Moved My Cheese!

After reading "Who moved my cheese" for the first time, I realised I am the Haw. When changes happened, I cannot adapt to it. I need times to think back. When I cannot adapt to the changes, I may "hems and haws", but after a few days, weeks or months, I am able to laugh at my fear of change. I need to see the real situation. Why I need to see the real situation? Some people may advice me not to think back of what had happened and prepare to face other problem. In my opinion, you yourself may forget the incident but others may not. After we know the real situation then only we know how to adjust. Although haw is a little bit late in doing changes, he changed at the end. After he changed, he finally get what he want. Hem does not change and he starts to blame people until haw had find a new station which has a lot of cheese. We do not know what will happen to Hem at the end of the story, but in my opinion, stuborn people will never change. Maybe they just do not know that they had done something wrong.

In conclusion, I may not sense the changes as fast as Sniff and scurries into action quickly when changes happened, but I will accept the change.

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jas_natelie said...

friends who care will alwiz stand by u.. ^^