Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We always like to compare,
but how do we know that the thing is "big" or "small"?
There are many thing around us,
when we say the thing is big,
we assume it is big,
but how we grade it is big?
is it because it is bigger than the thing around us?
or it is because nothing to compare so we consider it is big?

On the other hand, how are we going to identify how clever is the person?
Can we based on IQ test?
or EQ test is more suitable?
In my opinion, assume is what we always do.
When we see a people who can speak well and score good results in the exam,
he or she is known as a clever person.
But, in realistic,
is he or she clever?
If he is good in Malaysia,
does it means he is the best in the world?

In conclusion, there are many people better than us.
There are many buildings larger and taller than our twin tower.
Thus, we should always be humble and quiet.
Listen rather than talk much much but with no point.
If want to talk, then talk something that good for others and yourself too.

The End