Saturday, August 15, 2009

What is true LOVE?

Many people may think that Love is a holy thing,
with love, they will be experiencing romantic, happy and successful life;
with love, everything will be settled;
with love, there will be no conflict....

But, in realistic, I had seen many sad story.
can detroy a person's future;
can destroy friendship;
can destroy morale...

LOVE will bring 2 people closer to each other,
It is a romantic, full of joyment and you may think that God had given you an angel,
who will accompany you every second, every minutes, every hour.
A person in love will do whatever things to maintain the relationship. reality...does LOVE means to us?
An example that I had seen is that when we feel that we own the best things in the world.
Then we will ignore other things that we should do, such as friendship, studies and others.

Besides that, when a person desperate to maintain a relationship,
they may not think much about their action.
A girl may left the house and go live with her so call 'hubby' because she may think it is romantic.
A guy may borrow money from friends in order to buy things to his so call 'wife' because he want to show his man's power.
Thus, many social problem may happened.

An example from my friend, she starts a relationship with a boy younger than him.
She said he is caring because he will call her every night.
But, after a few months, he ask her to help him do reload.
So, that girl helps him to reload.
Not long after that, every month, he will ask her to help him pay his telephone bills.
After they have been together for 2 years, one month, the girl stop helping him to reload.
Then, he send a message to her saying that:" if you don't help me to reload, then I wont sms you anymore."
When I heard about that, I stunned there. How dare he say that to her? He must know that he is a guy. He is asking money from a girl! The things that I feel funny is that they are able to maintain their relationship for 2 years!
I think my friend sure "invest" quite alot of money on him.

There are quite a lot of example...but I am lazy to write out so many bad story.
Guys nowadays had changed...they become more independent, softbone, thick face ...
I really hope that my friend can find a better 1.
If I met that guy...sure I will kick him out!

Haha...friends, remember that, nothing is more important than your family members.
guys and girls' love is nothing...papa mama love is everything !

Appreciate what you have not try to hurt your family members and friends because of LOVE too...

Lastly, Hope Ms. Susan wont see this post !....hahaha

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...Yee Lin... said...

Agree with you xiao mei!
Nice post...